After High School

Colleges and Universities

College and university students with disabilities can get support services and accommodations. Standard accommodations include extended time on exams, texts in an alternative format, note-takers, and sign language interpreters. To receive services, students must self-disclose their disability and provide up-to-date documentation. Requirements are different for each college or university.

High school students should contact the student disability services office at the college or university they want to attend many months before they hope to begin college to find out what documents they will need. Many colleges require a recent evaluation and, unlike high schools, they are not required to pay for the evaluation. In many cases, students can apply for services from Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and get a new evaluation as part of the VR process. This process is described in the Employment section of this website.

For contact information for disability offices at public universities, click here.

Special Programs

Programs for students with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities are offered at many technical centers, colleges, and universities in Florida. These programs provide age-appropriate opportunities for learning, employment preparation, recreational and leisure activities, social interactions, and for developing natural supports.

More information is available on the Florida Consortium on Postsecondary Education and Intellectual Disabilities website.